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Coaching Plan

I can help you set and achieve your race performance goals. We will together review and evaluate your past achievements and then implement a plan that will maximize your potential for success.  

I provide detailed, daily training schedules for my athletes. You will typically receive them via e-mail. Typically I write 3-5 weeks of schedules at time. You are then able to see what is scheduled in the future and notify me if there is a conflict.  You will know on any given day exactly what to do and how to do it. I will tell you how far, how fast, and how often to train. I try to eliminate all the guesswork for you. My goal is for you to wake each morning, read the schedule and know exactly how you are supposed to train that day.  

Your training schedule is unique; no other athlete receives an identical schedule, and I personally write each one with your specific needs, time constraints, and race goals in mind.  I do not use a “cookie cutter” approach or a canned computer generated schedule to develop your program.  Feel free to view a sample weekly training schedule for one of my Olympic distance triathletes. 

I design your training plan based upon my athletic experience and knowledge, and specific information you provide me.  Prior to schedule development I need you to complete the Athletic Questionnaire.  I will personally meet with you or we engage in a lengthy phone call. During this meeting we will set realistic training and racing performance goals; determine amount of training time available, and explore all other aspects that impact your ability to train and race (e.g., family, work, other commitments, etc.).  We will review your training log, what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and address all your questions. We will also address the mental aspects of training and racing, what motivates you, what intimidates you, and develop a formula for mental toughness.  

You are asked to contact me on a regular basis with your progress, questions, and concerns. You can do this via phone or e-mail. This communication is essential to optimize your training. New athletes are asked to check-in no less than once per week.

All my athletes receive custom training programs and have equal access to my time. Your coaching program includes a personalized training plan as previously detailed and phone consultations as needed.  I am also available to meet with you for swim, bike, and run analysis and provide feedback on your technique. We can do this in person or on video. 

There is an initial minimum three-month obligation.  There are also several discounted fee structures available including group and family plans.  All fees are to be paid in full prior to initiating your coaching program.